I think most of us know how it feels to be separated from a loved one

I think most of us know how it feels to be separated from a loved one. For me, when I was separated from my son, it felt like I was being suffocated. During that period of heartache, I dwelled upon how our time apart was affecting him. I knew there was no way it could be easy. A son needs his daddy. My son needed the benefits of my years. After all, every kid learns the important things in life from their parents. Despite the distance separating me from my son, I made it my mission to keep my presence strong in his life. I wanted to pass certain lessons and values to him. Most of all, I wanted him to know that I love him, that I will always love him. Because of this commitment to being present in his life, I began writing little stories.

The stories are all written by Papa Didos. It was my son’s earliest name for me. It’s what he called me before he could really talk. The separation from my boy began when he was five years of age therefore; the stories were made for that age group. Days became weeks, weeks turned into months, and months eventually gave way to years. Despite the passing of time, every day I would write a couple of pages and send them in the mail. I thought long and hard about the things he should be learning (the truly important things in life). I discovered there are many lessons for our children to learn. The stories began to pile. They grew in depth and scope. As my son grew, so too did the stories. They grew into something bigger than me and my son. The collection of stories became Papa Didos’ one hundred and ten gems. I have since been reunited with my son (it was one of the happiest days of my life) but the dedication to the stories continues.
It is the mission of the Papa Didos Ideals Foundation to educate kids everywhere (especially those at risk and underprivileged). It is our mission to use these books to help solve the many problems facing society today. It’s a big task but little by little, day by day, if we chip away we will find the solutions.

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