Training the mind is no different from training the body


Training the mind is no different from training the body. To grow stronger, both need a challenge. I can’t stress the importance of consistent action enough. If you want the mind to grow strong you must read, read, read. Look at the greatest minds of our time. They are all voracious readers. Look at some of our most productive leaders. They too read much and read often. There is no excuse not to do it. Please don’t say you can’t find the time. The statement would be complete hogwash. While Bill Clinton was president of the United States, he still managed to read a book a week. (and he had the responsibility of running our country!)

My argument for exercise is the same as my argument for reading. The body is a machine that needs to be taken care of daily. It is capable of performing magnificent feats. Just don’t expect these feats without consistent work. Don’t think transformations happen overnight. To do so would be to court injury and pain. Athletes are made not born. They are made from the blood, sweat, and tears of hard work. Ask any legend from any sport and they will tell you the same.

I am in Arizona training with another Papa Didos Ideals Foundation team member; Todd Alan. He has just formally announced that he will ride a bike across the country. In light of this new addition, we decided that he should come out and train with me. From now until I begin my run, I will be training with friends, acquaintances, and anyone who would like to join. I give everyone the same promise. The promise is this: If a person stays consistent and finishes this journey with me, I guarantee they will feel happier and more confident. Once again I invite anyone to come and join me on the road. I will be able to use all the support I can get.

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