Busywork makes me more tired than exercise


Busywork makes me more tired than exercise. I think it’s because the blood isn’t circulating through the body. They say things in motion stay in motion and things at rest stay at rest. What makes humans so special is that thing called the will. Our ideas create actions which lead to motion. Therefore positive ideas and thoughts lead to positive actions. Conversely negative thoughts and ideas lead to negative actions. But rest assured, the universe has its own police in this thing called karma. It’s like a cosmic Santa Clause. It knows if you’ve been naughty or nice.

My friends and I have been doing everything in our power just to get to the starting line. I keep pushing forward on blind faith. When you are doing something you know is right and just, you don’t need to fear failure. It is not an option. When you follow your dreams, the universe conspires to make it real. I believe in my neighbors, and the citizens of this country. I believe they want to see others succeed. I know I love seeing others achieve after putting in blood sweat and tears.

Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking with an extraordinary young woman that has completed the run. Her name is Katie Visco. We were able to speak for some time. I had so many questions for her. I feel so fortunate to draw upon the experience of someone who has done it before. Even though she had wonderful advice to pass along, some of the questions can only be answered by me. Through her words, she reinforced my strongest belief. I think anyone that attempts this journey can relate. It’s just something that must be done. The human spirit will find a way.

So much is still unknown. Large question marks loom. But, it is not cause for fear. No amount of preparation will prepare a person for a journey like this. There is no glory in the solitary activity of running. The satisfaction comes from within. The competition is usually against the person in the mirror. You are the only one that knows if you succeed or fail. My only failure will be if I don’t go.hment_id=753″>gym


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