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We need your help getting across America

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Hey everyone, please have a look at my itinerary.

If you have a friend, a friend of a friend, or a friend of a friend of a friend that live near any of my destination cities and wouldn’t mind putting up three weary travellers for the night please contact us at or It will be your help that gets me across this country.

Day Date Departing City Arriving City Miles
1 Thu 2/10 Long Beach CA Villa Park CA 26
2 Fri 2/11 Villa Park CA Corona CA 20
3 Sat 2/12 Corona CA Moreno Valley CA 22
4 Sun 2/13 Moreno Valley CA Banning CA 26
5 Mon 2/14 Banning CA Morongo Valley CA 26
6 Tue 2/15 Morongo Valley CA 29 Palms CA 26
7 Wed 2/16 29 Palms CA Roadside CA 24
8 Thu 2/17 Roadside CA
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