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The mission of the Papa Didos Ideals Foundation is to promote literacy to children

Sixty five days until I hit the road. The buildup is killing me. I’ve been preparing for something like three months now and I don’t yet feel ready. It’s not the milage that plays on my mind. That part is all just a matter of patience and doing. What is unsettling is that I tweak my route often. I’m really not sure just yet where I will lay my head from night to night.

My main goal in this run was to have enough books ready to give to kids along my route. Actually I should state clearly the purpose of my organization because, at times, the run overshadows the foundation. The mission of the Papa Didos Ideals Foundation is to promote literacy to children (especially those at risk and underprivileged) by giving them books and reading to them...

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Dennis Yang

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Dennis Yang founded The Papa Didos Ideals Foundation with the belief that education is the key to solving this world’s problems. His childhood was spent around the world where he was exposed to the people of other cultures. Through his experiences he witnessed the importance of education. He saw that the amount a person read was often connected to their wealth and prosperity.
He persued higher education at the institution of Hawaii Pacific University then found himself transferring to the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University. One summer while on break from University he fell into the entertainment industry. He worked in a multitude of positions before he wrote his first screenplay and made his first film...

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Dear World

Dear World,
You’ve knocked me down many times. I didn’t always think I could make it back up. But, somehow through the struggle I am still here. So far I’ve survived everything you’ve thrown at me. This hardship has made me stronger and smarter yet infinitely more humble. I understand why you made me endure the dark times. For now, I can say, the air that I breathe seems that much fresher and the fruit I eat tastes that much sweeter.
With humility I’m coming to you asking for your support. You have my respect and I pray that I have earned yours. My mission is to give back to this wonderful world for everything it has given me. The journey is long. Will you send me a sign that I have chosen the correct path? I know there are more tests to come...

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