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This time last year, life started all over for me


This time last year, life started all over for me. Like a newborn, I had to relearn things about society and about human behavior. I had an abundance of energy and drive. Perhaps I was a little impetuous with my decisions though. I have made naïve mistakes in my quest to give back to this world. But, if I lose the part of me that dares to dream, I lose the essence of who I am.

I create my own reality and I take comfort in my ideals. With so many options, every moment of every day seems to offer up some new distraction.  Only I can bring myself peace of mind. 

I started this Christmas morning with a run followed by a little bit of strength training. The roads were nice and empty. The air was crisp. I was pleased to pass other runners and bikers along my route...

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Busywork makes me more tired than exercise


Busywork makes me more tired than exercise. I think it’s because the blood isn’t circulating through the body. They say things in motion stay in motion and things at rest stay at rest. What makes humans so special is that thing called the will. Our ideas create actions which lead to motion. Therefore positive ideas and thoughts lead to positive actions. Conversely negative thoughts and ideas lead to negative actions. But rest assured, the universe has its own police in this thing called karma. It’s like a cosmic Santa Clause. It knows if you’ve been naughty or nice.

My friends and I have been doing everything in our power just to get to the starting line. I keep pushing forward on blind faith...

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Training the mind is no different from training the body