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It’s amazing being around people who care deeply about a cause


It’s amazing being around people who care deeply about a cause. Whatever the cause may be, the passion is infectious. I am a rookie in this world of philanthropy. Luckily for me, I am recieving help and guidance around every corner. I think it might be because I have programmed my mind to think in a selfless manner. Think about it, when we are making the world better for others, aren’t we making the world better for ourselves? What I am witnessing is nothing short of fantastic. People want to make a difference in this world. They want to help!

Last night, I attended a fundraiser for the group Animal Rescue Media Education also known as ARME. At this function, I met people who’s ideals and beliefs were very much aligned with mine...

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I am extremely blessed to have many caring people around me

Hey look, today is eleven eleven. Make a wish. Being that we are approaching thanksgiving, I wish people would get out and donate a can or two to the organizations gathering food for the homeless. Sure we are facing some tough times but there are some that have it much worse.
I am extremely blessed to have many caring people around me. I’m not sure where the foundation would be if we didn’t have such great support. Of these friends, I’d like to take a minute to say thank you to Todd and Kyle. They have been a strong force behind the Papa Didos Organization. They have been tirelessly sweating it out for our cause. It’s impossible to put into words the ammount of appreciation we feel towards them and their company Primer Media Group...

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The Elephant Sanctuary

Today I have agreed to add The Elephant Sanctuary to my list of beneficiaries for the run I am about to undertake. Perhaps it seems random to want to help elephants. And, I’m sure people will wonder how do elephants relate to running or literacy. Although I really don’t need to justify my efforts to do good things, I’ll state my own reasons for running for the elephants.
My goal is to raise ten thousand dollars for the elephant sactuary, but aside from the money, I’m hoping to raise awareness of this place. Elephants have been making a contribution to mankind in so many ways. For me, one of the most beloved series of books which helped foster my appreciation for reading was Babar the Elephant...

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