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Day 497 to 501 Los Alamos to Oxnard CA. – 72 Miles


20160119_112937After many days of clear running weather, the inevitable happened. The wet streets shined from the slick hydration. Water hit my face from various angles and I took to the road with my new protective rain gear. My mom had purchased these army green Frog Toggs from a sporting goods store in anticipation of this day. I was thankful that she had literally prepared for a rainy day. The material felt thick and stiff but it did the trick. I originally planned my route through the mountain to avoid speeding vehicles in wet weather conditions. The mileage was higher but I thought it might have been safer. After running a bit on my route, Crystal and my mom called to convince me to take the shorter route. They didn’t feel it was safe for me to run through a slippery and muddy mountain...

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Day 491 – 496 San Miguel to Los Alamos CA. – 100 Miles


20160113_142953As I make tracks across my home state I am reminded of why I love this place. California has a little bit of everything for everyone. The old brick mission in San Miguel gave the town a Spanish feel. I ran through farmland yet again to get to the town of Paso Robles. I was running towards a known destination so the miles passed in a flash on the back roads. My mind was preoccupied as my feet moved. I thought a bit about what I was going to say to the kids at the Boys and Girls Club of Paso Robles. I planned to speak to kids of varying ages at the same time. It would be tricky because I had learned the attention span and interests of kindergarteners differed greatly from those of middle schoolers.

Paso Robles BnG clubI had a quick lunch at Applebee’s before rushing over to The Boys and Girls Club...

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Day 488 to 490 Greenfield to San Miguel CA. – 67 Miles


20160110_120553I took my first steps out of Yanks RV Resort onto wet farmland. Instead of producing a cloud of dust, my feet sank into the dark mud. The dirt roads ended after the first mile. The asphalt road was a welcome friend. With each step little clumps of dirt lost their grip on my shoes and exploded as they returned to the earth. I took a turn southbound on road 146 and then turned on the autopilot. The road was like a rollercoaster. From the cliff I could see the 101 freeway in the distance to my right. The cars that zoomed on the freeway were muted at my location. I was free to enjoy the cool day. The road took me all the way into King City. I entered the quiet little town, sat on a corner and called Crystal...

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