Day 203 & 204 Hollywood to Charleston to Mt. Pleasant, SC – 25 Miles


IMG_2812I woke up to the scent of forest. My body felt great despite the heavy wear of the journey. The protein packed breakfast helped prep my muscles for more motion. The morning was spent talking to the folks at the RV Park. They were interested in our adventure and wanted to help us continue our mission. It was a good thing too. We were beginning to worry that we weren’t meeting our monetary goals for this trip.

IMG_2799After taking a quick stroll around the grounds, I hit the road to Charleston. It didn’t take long for the grass shoulders to transform into cement sidewalks. Once that happened, I picked up some momentum. I only slowed my stride when I found Crystal parked by a church. There she informed me that I had an interview scheduled with channel 4 news, the local ABC affiliate...

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Day 201 & 202 Yemassee to Green Pond to Hollywood South Carolina – 50 Miles


20150323_100139Again there was a light misty sprinkle. I threw on a sweatshirt and pulled tight compression socks over my calves. I had it in my mind that I would battle through whatever forces nature threw at me. The monochromatic colored day didn’t look as if I would be running shirtless. Again there was nothing paved for my feet. Grass hid the puddles and uneven grass but I navigated the roads with confidence and competence. I passed a little shop called the Carolina Cider company. It looked like one of those country stores that had built a reputation around its products. I wanted to stop but I didn’t want to lose momentum.

20150323_111151A dozen miles later, I reached a town with a sidewalk on my route. As luck would have it, Carolina Cider Company had a second store. Again I didn’t stop...

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Day 199 & 200 Hardeeville to Coosawatchie/Yemassee – 25 miles


20150321_115217I love the sound of little bird feet on top of the trailer. It always sounds like the tiny creatures are having so much fun. I’ve had the pleasure of spotting so many kinds of birds on this trip. I could see why so many bird watching enthusiasts existed. The morning was spent downsizing and organizing the trailer. It seemed that the vehicle was in a constant state of disarray despite our best efforts. After Crystal gave our sinks a thorough scrubbing, they shined brilliantly. The final matter was to dump all excess weight and we could hit the road. We were thankful for the opportunity because the heat from prior days cooked the waste and left a scent less than desirable.

20150321_115356We pulled out and said good-bye to Sandy our wonderful host...

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