Day 319 Kenosha to Milwaukee WI. – 33 Miles


IMG_3918My eyes popped open when the sunlight popped through our window. I couldn’t sleep too long because I was excited about the day. I was running into Milwaukee to see a dear cousin of mine. I had no siblings growing up but my cousins Donald and David were like my brothers. I had already visited Dave when I ran through Massachusetts. On day 319 I would get to see Donald. Crystal and I decided to break the day into thirds.

20150724_173857Kids squealed in the background as they played organized soccer. Crystal rolled the video camera and I began running. My legs took me through a rougher area of town but the scenery continued to be tranquil. I ran quickly and didn’t stop to take many pictures. Crystal remained busy dialing numbers trying to find a place to leave our trailer...

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Day 317 and 318 Chicago IL to Kenosha WI – 54 Miles


20150723_093700The buildings in Chicago provided plenty of shade as I weaved in between pedestrian traffic. After so many days of country farmland, I enjoyed running through the urban jungle once again. With each step north the buildings shrank and they took the shadows with them. I found Crystal waiting for me just past Wrigley Field. She went for a run but we ended up at the trailer at the same time. I chilled under a tree next to a statue of Abe Lincoln reading a book. Crystal heated our leftover Chinese food for lunch. The spices and scent of fried rice and noodles filled the trailer. Our little home on wheels was like an oven. Wave of heat followed us as we left the trailer for a nice patch of grass. We enjoyed a little picnic in the park and lounged a bit before taking off again.

20150723_110952The sub...

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Day 313 to 316 La Porte IN. to Chicago IL. – 73 Miles


IMG_3754La Porte, Indiana provided Crystal and me with a weekend of sheer relaxation. We were shown the local nightlife by friends old and new. A night of dancing was followed by a fundraiser and a day with kids. Our event was like a weekend barbeque on a lake. It helped that Trace’s parents owned a beautiful lake house with a docking area. I was surprised at the attention the kids gave me considering I had to compete with the water for attention. But they were all very attentive and interested.

IMG_3780The highlight of the weekend was staying at the romantic couples’ getaway spot. I rested my legs on the huge bed and stared at floating swans. Every so often, while we relaxed, a little red light would appear next to the door. It signaled little goodies that had been placed in the door butler...

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