Day 181 & 182 Rest then Melbourne to Cocoa FL. – 25 Miles


IMG_2224After a night of deep sleep, the sounds of crashing waves coaxed me out of bed. It was the great beginning to a day of rest. Jackie, the youthful proprietor of the Tuckaway Shores, made sure we knew we could relax on the property even after check out. Crystal and my mom took advantage of the beach setting while I caught up on my electronic work. It was only a rest day for my body.

IMG_2231As I tapped away on the keyboard, guests of the hotel began to approach me. Word had spread about what we were doing and suddenly we were selling books left and right. Guests would wander by from the pool area, chat with me for a moment, buy some books, and return to relaxing. The Tuckaway Shores had a magnetic energy that drew in kind people from all over.

IMG_2274I had the chance to wander around the beach...

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Day 179 & 180 Fort Pierce to Melbourne FL. 51 Miles


20150301_105450The sun emerged victorious from the seesaw battle with the rain. The tenacity of the precipitation was commendable but as always patience weathered the storm. If there was a prevalent theme on this trip is would be that steadiness can move mountains. Day 179 started at the Burger King parking lot in Fort Pierce. We had slept through another torrential downpour. On this occasion the water had drained by the time we got up. The humidity on our skins was like a weight that suppressed our energy. We decided on croissants and hash browns as our morning fuel. It saved us the trouble of cooking and doing dishes.

20150301_090144Before we hit the road, a grey haired gentleman from the local church struck up a conversation and contributed to our cause...

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Day 177 & 178 Port Solerno to Fort Pierce FL. – 27 Miles


20150227_131138Dampness filled the air. The wet, muggy oxygen permeated my lungs as I tried my best to push forward in the rain. I just wanted to reach a place where I could recharge and recuperate. I needed a proper bath to soak away all that ailed me. However all that had to wait. I repeatedly looked out the trailer door to see if the rain had lifted. When I finally found an opportunity I darted. I ran from the fast food parking lot with a jacket and hat. My legs skillfully avoided puddles as I made my way towards Fort Pierce.

20150227_145139As I ran up the eastern side of Florida I was reminded of my first steps in this state. The vegetation and wildlife had not changed too much. I did remember more forest in the northwestern part but other than that, the Cypress trees continued...

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