Day 390 to 392 Deer Lodge to Drummond to Bear Mouth to Missoula – 82 Miles


20151004_130737Mother Nature let the sun out to play. It was a good thing too. At the outset of my day the air nipped at the parts of my skin that were exposed. I ran on a wide road that forked. One road led to the state prison and the other road into some winding mountainous terrain. I accidentally stayed on the road to the prison and added a couple miles to my day. When I righted my course, I encountered rolling, winding, and rocky hills. It wasn’t until Crystal caught up with me that the road became treacherous. It narrowed into cow trails and hairpin turns. She had to inch along with the trailer in order to avoid mishaps. It conjured up images of our adventures in the Arizona desert.

20151004_150658It was the first time I was able to outrun the trailer. I met one person while running that day...

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Day 388 and 389 Butte to Anaconda to Deer Lodge – 48 Miles


20151002_112235Little specks of rain drifted in my field of view. The water molecules landed on my face and tingled my senses. I was glad we were moving along because the temperatures were dropping by the minute. I was lucky my road to Anaconda was only 24 miles. My route was a bit curvy at the beginning. I started off on a trail that followed Blacktail Creek. This tiny stream was the beginning of the Columbia River. I followed the river for many miles until Crystal pulled up next to me and offered me lunch.

20151002_123041The stove provided us with a little bit of warmth on our short lunch break. When I returned to the road the winds started to gust. I hated running against wind but I had no other choice. My shoes dug into the dirt and rocks and I pushed on...

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Day 386 and 387 Three Forks to Butte MT. – 58 Miles


20150930_124230Crystal and I left the cold weather outside for the evening. The chill never had the chance to creep into the room. The only noise that could jostle this bear from hibernation was the sound of his own growling stomach. We had gotten into the routine of waking up for breakfast and then returning to nap until checkout time. Rick had prepared extra coffee for some satellite repair men but they had not yet arrived. Crystal was the beneficiary of that pot. After I shut myself down again, she was moving like the Flash.

20150930_130437Eventually my limbs started to tingle and the sprockets in my head began to turn. The day ahead of me was long and I had delayed starting for too long. The jaunt out of town happened in an instant. I ran past some rodeo grounds and a pungent smell followed me...

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