Day 221 and 222 South Hill to Blackstone VA. – 29 Miles


20150413_074723I sprang out of bed a minute before my alarm started ringing. My internal clock was determined to keep me on schedule. I had a lot on my plate so I was happy to get an early start. I figured making a hot breakfast would have consumed too much time so I turned to my tried and true meal of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I used the cranberry bread Shannon had given me to make my meal more flavorful. It was easy, tasty, and rich in nutrients.

I arrived at the radio station a couple minutes early. The moment I stepped out of the truck pollen particles charged up my nostrils. I didn’t mind the microscopic nuisances as long as the weather stayed warm. I stepped into the wooden interior of the radio station, sat on an old vinyl chair, and collected my thoughts for the day. The D.J...

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Day 219 and 220 Ridgeway N.C. to South Hill, V.A. -27 Miles


20150410_185933I had very little sleep on my last night in North Carolina. Cars rushed past the abandoned building at high speeds as I slept. They never woke me fully but my slumber was far from sound. I became more comfortable in the early morning and fell into a comfortable position. Around that time my alarm sounded and I pulled my sluggish body out of bed. The melody for the alarm was made to sound like nature and birds. The idea was to gently rouse a person from sleep. It annoyed my ears.

20150411_090207I had ten miles to reach the border. I knew I was going to have company so I didn’t want to arrive late. I made myself the tried and true peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Crystal woke a bit later and decided I needed more food and prepared a fried egg sandwich...

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Day 217 & 218 Raleigh to Franklinton to Ridgeway – 50 Miles


20150408_194407The North Carolina weather had a mind of its own. Hot temperatures had us sweating on my day off. It was hard to believe that I spent the previous day running in the rain. Just like all our rest days, we spent most of the time cleaning the trailer and catching up on computer work. We did take a moment to enjoy another great meal donated by the Red Lobster around the corner from where we parked. I had ordered a pasta with vegetables like I had at another location while Crystal ventured into new territory with a crab leg linguini.

20150409_170259From a day of radiant heat to booming thunderstorms, the weather switched without a moment’s notice. We ran back to the trailer when we saw lightning in the distance. Clouds obscured the bolts yet lit the sky every few moments...

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