Day 291 and 292 Ripley NY to Erie PA to Kingsville OH – 59 Miles


20150628_110056I peeked out of the trailer and found the rain had left pools of water everywhere. The loud thumps against the protective shell of the trailer weren’t going to stop. This meant one thing. It meant I would close my eyes and rest my tired and weary body. We were fortunate that the office of the Brookside Beach RV resort called to tell us we could remain in our spot.

20150628_113020The non-stop rain lightened the next day. I threw on a blue plastic poncho and hit the road. The impermeable was not so impermeable. My clothes grew wet and heavy from the inside. The rain drenched my socks and shoes. The sloshing of my feet was a nuisance. The sound irritated me like a pesky bug. I eventually removed the damp socks. It surprised me that they smelled like a wet dog. We moved swiftly through the day...

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Day 289 Fredonia to Ripley NY. – 23 Miles


20150625_093557We spent day 288 in Fredonia relaxing. The morning started with a plate of assorted fresh fruit and a breakfast parfait waiting at the table. When I sat down, the scent of eggs, veggies, and potatoes floated my way. Maggie had gotten up early to whip up some of the most delicious things I had ever tasted. She had grown up on a farm and knew how to prepare a million different items. Jeff brought out a strawberry/peach smoothie to the table and chatted with me and Crystal. Moments later a few more items came out of the kitchen. I chose to eat Maggie’s homemade apple butter jam on my toast. The main course was a black olive and artichoke frittata. I ended my meal with a little treat. It was the flakiest berry turnover with powdered sugar lightly sprinkled on top...

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Day 286 and 287 Buffalo to Fredonia NY. – 46 Miles


20150622_164037Crystal and I have been blessed to experience some of the most picturesque places on the planet up close and personal. We set out to enrich the lives of kids all over this country, make a difference, and change the world. Of course, we needed to enrich ourselves in the process. I have always been fascinated by water. It is strong but gentle. It has healing powers, and it is the key to all life.

The water of Niagara Falls spilled over cliffs and created a huge rain like mist. Crystal and I tried to maneuver ourselves as close to the bottom as possible. The cool liquid hit our skin and cooled our faces on that sunny day. We didn’t want to walk around completely drenched so we returned to the top and stared at the spectacle from a distance.

20150623_123032That night, the Hampton Inn in Buffal...

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