Day 49 El Paso to San Elizario 16 miles


20141018_165202Being jolted out of a routine causes some to spiral out of control. Impulsive decisions are made and focus can be lost. Anytime tragedy strikes it is necessary to still the mind and body. Stop and take a minute. Often times the moments of contemplation lead to better decisions. I run and sometimes I compete. In a sport where shorter time determines superiority, my choices to slow down might seem counter intuitive. But there is a third part to the mind/body connection. The spirit is not to be neglected.

20141018_165234If you have been following my journey, you know one of my best friends was taken from me last week. My itinerary and schedule were thrown out the door. But if I did not properly mourn my friend’s passing, I think I would have given up a piece of my humanity...

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Day 48 El Paso TX.


IMG_3514I have had an intimate relationship with nature over the course of this expedition. I call it an expedition because I have been on a search. I have been searching for those tiny gems which few have been lucky enough to encounter. Every place has these treasures. The trick is to find them. Before I entered Texas I had an inkling of their bourgeoning art scene. Barbra and Bob, the proprietors of El Paso West RV Resort, were a wealth of knowledge, and they confirmed my hunch. Not only did they have an RV resort that was very green, they could tell you tidbits about the little nooks and crannies of the state. Most people think cattle and oil when they think of this place, but a while back on my old journey I was privy to a glimpse of that artistry...

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Day 47 Anthony NM. To El Paso TX. – 22 miles


IMG_3536The night’s rest was uneasy. I could not stop thinking about one of my best friends. He was such a kind and caring person and he had a huge heart. Unfortunately that heart of his could beat no more. His baritone voice sounded in my head as I tried to get some sleep for the upcoming day’s run. It would be a shorter run compared to the miles of an average day but, it would be tough.
The difficulty of the run didn’t come from terrain, distance, or weather. Instead the difficulty came from the range of emotions surging through my soul. It is strange how tragedy can trigger an onslaught of senses. The memory of a time passed becomes so visceral, so real, it is as if you are there.

IMG_3539My body felt fine. The first mile of the day was to the New Mexico/Texas border...

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