Day. 20 & 21 Buckeye to Avondale – 15 miles


getting towedAfter a futile attempt to find help, there came a point when the smartest course of action was to turn back. A drop of a couple degrees in temperature signaled the impending night. With the memories of the howling packs of coyotes fresh in my mind I sped towards the trailer. I hadn’t realized the distance I had travelled to find help. The road back felt bumpier, the sand felt softer, and my legs felt heavier. To top it all off I began to really feel my thirst. I had somehow lost my water along the way. With more than two marathons on my legs, my conversation with god began. This wasn’t the conversation where one bargains to be good if he promises to take away the pain. It was a very internal type of dialogue. The main message from it all was that I needed to be patient...

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Days 18, 19, and 20 Rough unpaved roads to Buckeye 60+ miles


Dateland kidsFortune seemed to be turning as we put on a fun event for kids in grades k-8. It meant I was able to leave my usual 2nd-4th grade range. Like every occupation, career, or endeavor there is a comfort zone. I had just expanded mine. With the kindergarten class I discovered that you can not recycle elephants. With the older kids I had legs eager to run with me. One boy named Abner specifically caught my attention because he stayed after school and asked me if I would run with him on the field. He and a pack of boys came out and did a couple laps. We were all pretty sweaty after lap one but the kids were motivated.

WarningAfter we left the school, we still had to pack up and vacate our campsite. It took a while to unhitch everything and get back to the running location...

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Day 17. Dateland to Hyder -20 miles


hydrating 2The sounds of trains chugged through the night as there were tracks next to the Dateland RV park. The surprising thing is that they were not annoying. I barely noticed the Southern Pacific cars. What did provide a nuisance in the desert though were the flying insects. Where did all the flies come from? Tiny buzzing creatures could not be deterred. The flies, while annoying, seemed tame compared to the bite of the, even tinier, mosquitoes.

MountainThe mosquitoes didn’t surface until the evening 13 miles in. Then suddenly, from seemingly nowhere, I was attacked from every angle while on the run. First I felt itching on my back. Then my leg. When I looked down, there was blood on my CEP compression sock. I realized they could eat my flesh through my clothing...

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