Day 54 and 55 Van Horn Tx. Rest Days


IMG_3685Again and again I encounter strangers who touch my heart. These people bring my guard down and remind me that there is goodness in this world. In this day and age things move quickly, people are out to make big money, and conversations have become a sea of electronic acronyms. There are less dinner conversations and less time for meaningful human interaction.

My days of rest in Van Horn have replenished the resolve to make a difference in this world. Crystal and I were treated like royalty at the Hampton Inn Van Horn. Jessica the GM was so good to us. With a wonderful southern accent she would tell us, “Please let me know if you need anything.” They had everything we needed on a rest day; laundry room, plenty of food, and a bubbling Jacuzzi...

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Day 53 Sierra Blanca to Van Horn TX. 34 miles


P1020852Sleeping next to an old train station would be pretty cool if loud trains didn’t chug by during the night. The iron horses are so much louder when there aren’t competing sounds. Crystal and I were so exhausted from the previous day, there wasn’t much that could rouse us from slumber.

P1020840Dewdrops practically formed on my eyelashes on the grey overcast morning of day 53. A hot green tea with honey got me moving. The drink is packed with antioxidants and I like the way it tastes. I nudged Crystal to take to the streets with me. The abandoned shops lined both sides of the main strip with ghosts of a time past haunting every corner. We walked into an old shop which sold stones and gems. The lady there said the town was dead...

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Day 52 McNary to Sierra Blanca Texas – 35 miles


P1020794I ended the previous day being interrogated by the border patrol. I began day 52 with a sheriff giving me the third degree. He was concerned that the owners of a rundown emptied out building might not want my support vehicle on the property. He was pretty cordial after hearing about my adventure. When I told him the road I had planned to run, he said, “Hahaha, good luck!”

P1020814El diablo road, the devil’s road, perhaps the name was an indication of things to come. Was it a wise decision to run without my support vehicle? I threw caution to the wind and the wind whisked it away. The wind then pushed me around and kicked dust into my face. After a couple miles I checked my map to make sure I was on track...

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