Day 52 McNary to Sierra Blanca Texas – 35 miles


P1020794I ended the previous day being interrogated by the border patrol. I began day 52 with a sheriff giving me the third degree. He was concerned that the owners of a rundown emptied out building might not want my support vehicle on the property. He was pretty cordial after hearing about my adventure. When I told him the road I had planned to run, he said, “Hahaha, good luck!”

P1020814El diablo road, the devil’s road, perhaps the name was an indication of things to come. Was it a wise decision to run without my support vehicle? I threw caution to the wind and the wind whisked it away. The wind then pushed me around and kicked dust into my face. After a couple miles I checked my map to make sure I was on track...

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Day 50 & 51 San Elizario to McNary TX. – 43 miles


IMG_3648There are people working in the stores in these parts who speak only Spanish. It was quite a surprise. I was able to dust off my Spanish language skills and navigate the territory. With the Mexican border just a stone’s throw from my route, it makes sense that there would be a large Mexican community. Every culture has their traditions, sayings, and food. On my 50th day I ate chilindrinas for the first time in my life. Chilindrinas are a snack with a wheat rind for the base. They are topped with cabbage, tomatoes, and pork. Of course being vegetarian I had it without the pork. For flavor lime and hot sauce are lightly sprinkled.

IMG_3662I only ran a couple more miles before the sun set...

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Day 49 El Paso to San Elizario 16 miles


20141018_165202Being jolted out of a routine causes some to spiral out of control. Impulsive decisions are made and focus can be lost. Anytime tragedy strikes it is necessary to still the mind and body. Stop and take a minute. Often times the moments of contemplation lead to better decisions. I run and sometimes I compete. In a sport where shorter time determines superiority, my choices to slow down might seem counter intuitive. But there is a third part to the mind/body connection. The spirit is not to be neglected.

20141018_165234If you have been following my journey, you know one of my best friends was taken from me last week. My itinerary and schedule were thrown out the door. But if I did not properly mourn my friend’s passing, I think I would have given up a piece of my humanity...

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