Day 86 & 87 Columbus to Sealy to Katy, Texas – 25 Miles


IMG_4996While we rested at the La Quinta Inn and Suites in Columbus Crystal we found ourselves with the perfect opportunity to eliminate the odor of sweaty, damp, rain soaked clothes from our trailer. The running gear could have run off on its own. I had doubts that a washing machine could eliminate the overpowering smell but we needed to try. If it didn’t work we were prepared to incinerate the clothes and replace them.

After having a large breakfast at the hotel, we returned to bed. The firm mattress was perfect for my muscles. I drifted into a comatose state in moments. Extra sleep was a luxury my body appreciated.

IMG_5001The nap didn’t last long but it did the trick. With most of my body rebooted I felt strong. I did have an odd feeling by my left knee though...

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Day 85 Schulenburg to Columbus TX. 26 Miles


IMG_4950A downpour of biblical proportions kept me from running on day 84. Despite having a sunny morning, nature would not cooperate. Her temperamental behavior bordered on bipolar. I ducked into the trailer to throw on the running gear and when I reemerged the skies were dark. I still planned to run but after thanking Holly and her brother Jeremy for the wonderful stay the rain started. Crystal and I headed to Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant for an early lunch and to wait for our opening. The opening never arrived. The storm raged steady into the night. We even received a tornado warning from the national weather service.

20141123_064636The real treat of the day 84 came when we went to Frank’s Diner. The establishment was over 85 years old...

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Day 83 Waelder to Schulenburg – 30 Miles


IMG_4929Rough patches are meant to test a person’s resolve. How much can one endure until one quits? How much stuff has to break before the mind snaps? Each little mishap starts to grow in magnitude. It is much like the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Often the mishaps in life come at a person in flurries. They attack you mentally and physically. The best thing to do in those situations is to tackle one problem at a time and to remember that there is sunshine after the rain.

IMG_4935When we left for the day’s starting point, I could feel beads of perspiration forming on my forehead. AS the sun’s rays touched my face I thought to myself, the chance of rain seems pretty slim today. I hit the road in a light thermal shirt, and some compression pants...

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