Day 328 Shawano to Wittenberg WI. – 28 Miles


20150803_112757After a few spurts of hail the clouds parted and the sun reappeared. We had plenty of time to relax at the Shawano Super 8 and we took advantage of every minute.

I peeked out the window early in the morning. I saw nothing but clear skies. I consumed a few danish pastries and a waffle for carbohydrates but kept my intake light. I threw on my clothes and prepared to hit the road when Crystal gave me news that I had an interview with a local paper. With that news, I propped my legs on the couch, laid back and closed my eyes. I drifted off until Crystal gently tapped my arm. She whispered, “It’s time to check out.” The reporter had not arrived and I still needed to complete thirty miles. We made the decision to cancel the interview and make tracks.

20150803_125714My teeth chattered as I ran ...

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Day 326 and 327 Green Bay to Shawano WI – 38 Miles


20150801_114935Good Day Wisconsin aired while we ate breakfast. Crystal and I watched a broadcast from the Green Bay farmers market. We didn’t realize the broadcast was being shot just outside our window. After we loaded up and checked out of the Quality Inn we discovered crowds of people mobbing the downtown area farmers market. I never realized Green Bay had such a diverse community of people. Crystal and I looked around and there was every nationality out there selling and buying organic foods and handmade items. It was much bigger than the ones we were accustomed to attending in Los Angeles. I walked with her a couple blocks and parted at the far end. I crossed a bridge and made my way towards Pulaski.

20150801_115242I had run past a ghetto in every metropolitan city on this journey right up until Green...

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Day 324 and 325 Manitowoc to Green Bay WI. – 38 Miles


20150730_143752The lake sat motionless next to the Village Inn Resort. Crystal cleaned the trailer until noon and I got some extra rest until it was time for me to hit the road.

I stretched my legs and began making my way through the town. I could taste the humidity in the air but the constant flow of wind kept me from overheating. The several upcoming running days seemed to be light on mileage. Any time my legs logged less than a marathon meant I would have extra energy. The country roads connected me with a trail that led right to Crystal. I found her napping in the trailer despite a lack of fresh flowing air. It seemed the wind had died down and the summer sun sat unopposed. I too decided it was a good place for a nap. Even though I had only run a few miles, I was always ready for a nap.


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