Training in Taipei 13 miles


Gondola RideIt is very important to be adaptable. I’ve always¬†thought that being fluid in life would open doors to friendship, adventure, and opportunity.¬† Over the past two weeks I spent my time living and training in Taipei, Taiwan. I have deep roots in the country and without a doubt it has been a rich experience.

At SparkA long time has passed since I’ve trained in a tropical climate. Without a doubt is has been challenging. The humidity had me breathing as if I were running in the mountains at altitude. In fact there were days where I would have preferred the altitude training. The heat was a constant factor as well. But I had to remind myself that these were the original conditions under which I began my journey. These were the conditions that helped me build endurance and stamina...

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Nutrition is 80% – 21 miles


Dennis, Drew and JimWhen we look at pictures of well sculpted bodies or when we watch elite athletes we are seeing the byproducts of a strict exercise regimen and proper nutrition. Many of us watch in awe. There is no reason to be in awe though. You can have the same results with patience and dedication.

There are athletes who forgo the nutrition and rely solely on their god given talent. That can take a person far but it will never take the person to the pinnacle. Excellence is a combination of talent, determination, hard work, and focus. These attributes contribute 20% to success. The other 80% comes in the form of nutrition. Nutrition seems like it would be the easiest component to control. But, a bite of cake can look deceptively innocent...

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Play for literacy


low res floufoo family Many parents mistakenly equate reading with literacy. It is true that reading is the most recognized component of literacy but there are many facets to literacy. Literacy is the way we comprehend the world around us. For children it manifests in their play time. Playing allows them to solve problems as well as assert and apply their knowledge. There are children in other parts of the world which are literate in tasks such as fixing cars or peddling items. The western world is often quick to label these children as illiterate. The realization that some of these children are gifted beyond their years in their fields sometimes comes as a shock.

low res chuckAt Papa Didos we believe that education is the foundation of a happy and productive life...

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