Seven days to launch – 20 miles


forestWith one week left until we launch, things still don’t feel fully prepared. There has been no procrastination but, there have been plenty of setbacks. Around every corner some problem has lurked. I’m reminded of the difficulties I faced when I conquered my run across America. I swore then that I wouldn’t put myself through such strain again. The thing is, I’m good at forgetting pain and hardship. Those things are just temporary. What stays with me are the memories and the friendships formed.

forest 2I have been blessed to meet kind and generous individuals over the course of my travels; people like the ultra running pastor Greg from New Mexico, Trace a cross country runner in Indiana, Frank Dickerson the mayor that let me camp out in the park, and Big Burly Roy Pribble the sensitive gia...

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Just training – 25 miles


Break in the woodsPeople see the end result. Nobody notices the preparation. We eat dishes after chefs have seasoned, cooked, and decorated the food. The chef did not just magically conjure up a fantastic meal though. We appreciate the product and perhaps in doing so we are validating all the preparation. I guess there is little glamour in the work, the sweat, and the tears. These days everyone wants things quick and easy. It is the instant digital world we live in.

Many of today’s people are adverse to putting in work. Of course there is no gain without loss. What do we gain when we make everything quick and easy? We gain time...

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Less than a month to go – 18 miles


chuck at waterfallI’ve been back in the United States less than a week. My sleeping schedule has been topsy turvy and I lay awake in the AM hours between two to five. I believe exercise helps with jet lag but I think the excitement of the impending journey keeps my mind turning. We try to prepare as much as possible but it seems as though there are always loose ends. The new set of books and stickers are behind schedule but luckily we gave ourselves plenty of slack in anticipation of last minute problems. The truth is, there are always last minute problems. Just like with running, all there is to do is push forward. But unlike running there are others out there who can assist you when problems arise.

ambushed by kidsMost people are shocked when they hear that I don’t have my shoe sponsor in place...

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