Day 252 and 253 Saybrook Ct. to Coventry RI. 61 Miles


20150517_162653Walls made of stone drew people’s property lines on the straight road to Stonington Ct. They looked a little bit like the walls around Gettysburg. A variety of trees shaded me from the sun on an already chilly day. My throat swelled and it was difficult to swallow. I couldn’t tell if it was the inhalation of cold air, or the labyrinth of pollen through which I had to navigate, that handicapped my respiration. I only knew I sympathized with asthma sufferers.

20150518_123929While faced very few changes of road, I did have several steep climbs. I powered myself through the inclines when thought about being behind a couple of days...

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Day 249 to 251 Bridgeport to Old Saybrook CT. – 50 Miles


20150514_193211Kids keep me young and on my toes. The ones in the running group gave their all when they played games with me and it reminded me of how I needed to approach this journey. I had a hard time hiding the fact that the mishaps of the road had burdened my mind. It had even hindered my joy of running as I dwelled on negative thoughts. For a while I found it hard to shake the feeling. But I was able to remember my mission once I got on the playground.

All in all we had achieved what we set out to do on each stage so far. The first stage we focused on booking events and putting ourselves into the market. During stage two we gained momentum in the media. We checked off the boxes for those two objectives. Now that we are approaching stage three the focus shifts to fundraising.

20150515_113835The Westp...

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Day 246 to 248 Fort Lee to Bridgeport, Connecticut – 53 Miles


20150510_205511Sirens wailed through the city every few minutes. The neon lights of Times Square adorned the night with colors and images. The looming billboards gave me insight into the life of an ant. I was back in the city once again. I returned to the place of my college years and the destination of my journey five years ago. I was naïve and innocent when I lived in the fast pace back then. It was something I would have like to have kept. But, change has been the only reliable constant in life.

IMG_3360On this trip into the city, I visited old friends. They were more like family. Michelle and Dawn were a pair of sisters that were born on the same day and their brother John was a runner. We had seen Dawn when we passed through Wellington, Florida but she had returned to the city...

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