Day 351 to 353 Valley City to Dawson ND. – 91 Miles


20150826_110006Obstacles have kept things interesting. At times on this trip nature provided the conflict. At other times we courted the hardship. The thirty-five mile journey to Jamestown was a combination of the two. Crystal and I left the room at the last possible moment. It seemed the temperature was rising but at least a light wind blew against me.

20150826_120444The route wove through the streets of the little college town and took me to a hill that winded into country road. The hill did little to slow the pace for the day. It must have been the sense of urgency. Dust swirled each time my feet hit the ground. I saw hidden treasures and even stumbled up a yard with a hundred or so antique cars. They begged to be discovered and restored to their former glory.

20150826_154640After twenty miles my stomach began to rebel...

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Day 348 to 350 Fargo to Valley City ND. – 62 Miles


20150824_164555Our multiple loads of laundry carried us into the wee hours of the night. We washed our sheets, towels, bed covers, and of course clothes. While it was relaxing, it also consumed all of our time. Crystal and I found ourselves turning in at an odd hour of the night. It was a small price to pay for clean, fresh, folded laundry.

20150822_224904Crystal and I hit the dining room at 8:30 the next morning. There were many dining options available. It was the first time I saw a soda fountain available for guests. Folding the freshly laundered items took the rest of the morning. When I returned to my starting point, the winds were gusting. I saw one lady being pushed backwards by the wind. The city streets had very few pedestrians. Perhaps they were all at church on that blustery Sunday...

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Day 346 and 347 Fergus Falls MN. to Fargo ND – 56 Miles


20150821_135638The light never penetrated the blinds. No alarm shocked me from slumber. I laid in the king sized bed nestled like a wounded animal. Every muscle in the body was comfortable and motionless. Like a comatose patient regaining consciousness, my finger moved. My fingers closed into a light fist and found my eye. I rubbed the sleep from my face and put my body into a semi-vertical position. I made a cinnamon waffle for breakfast and downed several cups of juice before using the hot tub to expel the aches and pains from my body.

20150821_171653The day began with a dirt road. It was called the Viking trail and it took me eight miles to a town with a sign and three homes. It was the first place Crystal and I would stop and ingest some nutrients. The road was straight with very few motorists...

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