Day 82 Luling to Waelder – 24 miles


IMG_4886The Riverbend R.V. Park was like one big family. Sandwiched between San Antonio and Houston, this large property was located next to a beautiful river. By the grounds entrance, to the right, horses ran laps on the dirt track. Others were in or around the barn attending horse school. To the left behind their community kitchen, someone was tending to their organic garden.

20141120_130920As Crystal and I wandered around property looking for various animals to feed, we ran into Sherry. We struck up a fascinating conversation about the area and about horses. We learned so much about horses and horse racing. The conversation was so fun, Crystal didn’t even want to hit the road...

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Day 81 Seguin to Luling – 34 miles


IMG_4809It was easy to see why man has worshipped the sun throughout history. We ran out of propane in the middle of the night so the only warmth was from the blankets. It took the morning sun to thaw my frozen body. I left the Twin Palms R.V. resort mid-morning when the sun was fully out. The energizing rays of light gave me a much needed boost of power. I had stopped short of yesterday’s target so I still needed to complete the twelve miles that remained of day 80. The midmorning run into Seguin was a brisk training pace. I took down 13 miles in one and a half hours. I didn’t pull out my camera because I wanted to make running top priority. What I remember about the first segment of the day was a cow eating away at a huge roll of hay...

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Day 80 San Antonio to Seguin – 21 miles


IMG_4772I’ve grown attached to every just about every city we have passed through. In the smaller ones, I fell in love with the people, the sense of community, and the kindness. In the larger cities I enjoyed the pace, the diversity, and the variety of activities on offer. Our mini holiday in San Antonio allowed me to take a breather and take in the sights.

20141116_150805On the first night of our break we enjoyed the hospitality of the DoubleTree by downtown San Antonio. We had a great view of the city and of course we devoured the wonderful cookies they offer to guests at every DoubleTree. These cookies are made in partnership with The Christie Cookie Company and the recipe is a well kept secret...

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