I am extremely blessed to have many caring people around me

Hey look, today is eleven eleven. Make a wish. Being that we are approaching thanksgiving, I wish people would get out and donate a can or two to the organizations gathering food for the homeless. Sure we are facing some tough times but there are some that have it much worse.
I am extremely blessed to have many caring people around me. I’m not sure where the foundation would be if we didn’t have such great support. Of these friends, I’d like to take a minute to say thank you to Todd and Kyle. They have been a strong force behind the Papa Didos Organization. They have been tirelessly sweating it out for our cause. It’s impossible to put into words the ammount of appreciation we feel towards them and their company Primer Media Group. They often pick up the slack so that I can focus on training for the upcoming run. I dedicate today’s blog to them.
Eveyone should take a minute to thank a person that makes a positive contribution. I’m sure they will smile. It will start a chain reaction and, trust me, you will feel happier as well. Is it that simple? I don’t know. But, I do know everyone likes feeling appreciated. It’s not necessary to say it everyday but, it’s a nice pick me up every once in a while.
Now it’s time for me to wrap up the words and get back to training. Cheers!!!!

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