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Consistent hard work yields big results. Each drop of water contributes to the ocean. Each grain of sand contributes to a mountain. I am infinitely further at this moment than I was a year ago. At least that is what I’m told. Honestly a year ago seems so far away. Perhaps each day moves so rapidly because each one is treated with a sense of urgency and purpose. It leaves me with hardly any time to contemplate the journey to date.
I have a vision of the world that is possible. I want to be a person that makes a difference, the person that makes a positive contribution. For me it’s important to reach certain goals I set for myself. I know there are others out there who feel the same. I’m reaching out to you.
Today our team has completed another stage in our ongoing project. It’s funny how various components can be seemingly random, but when they together to create a machine, a clear tangible picture takes shape. This sponsor kit is one of those pieces. It is ready to be viewed and anyone interested in supporting us can download the full media kit by clicking the graphics below.

I’ve put everything into creating this organization. I’ve made it my mission. There is no safety net to catch me if I fall. There is no backup plan so it’s all or nothing. There is still much to be done and I refuse to rest. If there is anyone out there that feels my words, I’m asking for your help. Please go to our website and contact us.

Click The Media Kit Images below to download the entire sponsorship media kit

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