The Elephant Sanctuary

Today I have agreed to add The Elephant Sanctuary to my list of beneficiaries for the run I am about to undertake. Perhaps it seems random to want to help elephants. And, I’m sure people will wonder how do elephants relate to running or literacy. Although I really don’t need to justify my efforts to do good things, I’ll state my own reasons for running for the elephants.
My goal is to raise ten thousand dollars for the elephant sactuary, but aside from the money, I’m hoping to raise awareness of this place. Elephants have been making a contribution to mankind in so many ways. For me, one of the most beloved series of books which helped foster my appreciation for reading was Babar the Elephant. While Babar was a fictional illustrated character, his stories filled my childhood with laughs and wonder. Meanwhile, real elephants have served kings and performed in circuses and shows around the world. Often their accommodations have been less than accommodating. They are kept in small quarters with hard floors which cause arthritis and pain in their joints. These poor lovable gentle giants don’t deserve such hardship. They love to walk around on lush land all day long. They cover distances of up to seventy miles a day. Now that’s amazing. I know I would be miserable if I weren’t allowed to run free whenever I desired.
One place gives these beautiful, grey, wrinkly, creatures a place to retire after a lifetime of entertaining people. The goal I am trying to reach isn’t really enough to care for one of their elephants for a month. I would love to raise more. But, they also have a wish list. And I hope that by making people aware of this place I can reach some kind souls who have the heart and ability to help fulfill their needs. Their website is
This is the first step in the Papa Didos plan of action. The children’s author Beatrix Potter did it right when she bought acres of land and turned it into a nature preserve. I guess personally, I’m working to do something similar ; something to help wildlife and nature. For me, I see that it is linked to education and the one hundred and ten gems of Papa Didos. It just makes sense. Tomorrow, I’ll see if we can build upon this.

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