Day 505 Malibu to Santa Monica CA. – 13 Miles


20160130_095031The cool air of the seaside town of Malibu was perfect. My skin tingled at the thought of wrapping up an epic adventure. On the days leading up to the last miles I repeated, “I can’t believe, we have journeyed around the perimeter of this country on foot!” Those words were almost always followed by giddy laughter. I knew there were only a few miles to go but my victory was a foregone conclusion. I had conquered my mind and my body. I was ready for a long break.

20160130_130758My buddy Brian met me at the first point of departure. Perhaps trying to get my friends to run thirteen miles was a bit ambitious. Text messages and calls had notified me that I would be joined by others as I progressed in mileage. I had a way of forgetting that most people don’t even like to run a few blocks...

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Day 502 to 504 Oxnard to Malibu CA. – 45 Miles


20160122_154439The end was inevitable. I tried hard to prolong my journey but the remaining miles were in double digit numbers. Ventura had been a great host. We had plenty of rest in two hotels. I enjoyed shooting the breeze with Carlos of the Best Western Ventura. The beach vibe permeated the town and it helped put me into a chill mood. My mom remained at the Best Western while Crystal and I occupied the room at the neighboring hotel. Both places made us feel welcome and relaxed.

20160124_123255After a hearty calorie dense breakfast, I took to the road. I headed inland and hit acres and acres of agricultural land. After a few miles of flat running I crossed a canal and discovered a small Cal State University nestled in the hills. The hill turned into a mountain with each step...

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Day 497 to 501 Los Alamos to Oxnard CA. – 72 Miles


20160119_112937After many days of clear running weather, the inevitable happened. The wet streets shined from the slick hydration. Water hit my face from various angles and I took to the road with my new protective rain gear. My mom had purchased these army green Frog Toggs from a sporting goods store in anticipation of this day. I was thankful that she had literally prepared for a rainy day. The material felt thick and stiff but it did the trick. I originally planned my route through the mountain to avoid speeding vehicles in wet weather conditions. The mileage was higher but I thought it might have been safer. After running a bit on my route, Crystal and my mom called to convince me to take the shorter route. They didn’t feel it was safe for me to run through a slippery and muddy mountain...

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