The Elephant Sanctuary

Today I have agreed to add The Elephant Sanctuary to my list of beneficiaries for the run I am about to undertake. Perhaps it seems random to want to help elephants. And, I’m sure people will wonder how do elephants relate to running or literacy. Although I really don’t need to justify my efforts to do good things, I’ll state my own reasons for running for the elephants.
My goal is to raise ten thousand dollars for the elephant sactuary, but aside from the money, I’m hoping to raise awareness of this place. Elephants have been making a contribution to mankind in so many ways. For me, one of the most beloved series of books which helped foster my appreciation for reading was Babar the Elephant...

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I’m looking to help give kids a hand up and not a hand out

It’s amazing how many things need fixing in this world. At times those of us living in this brilliant country of ours take for granted everything available. We don’t see the hardships of those in far off lands. Often we forget that it is the duty of the strong to protect the weak. I have witnessed first hand real desperation. I have seen people who commit a crime so that they can go to jail. Because in jail, they can earn a better wage than in their world. Does anyone find it strange that a person would be willing to sacrifice their freedom in order to survive.

Poverty and crime are both directly linked to illiteracy. For the most part, people are inherently good. They commit crimes out of necessity. They see no other option. When we educate people we give them the options they lack...

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Welcome to Papa Didos Ideals Foundation Blog

Welcome to my blog,
I will candidly share my daily experiences surrounding my efforts to improve the condition of our world. I hope anyone that reads and follows my thoughts will gain insight into the reasons for my actions. I hope you will join me for the crazy ride to come.

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