Day 488 to 490 Greenfield to San Miguel CA. – 67 Miles


20160110_120553I took my first steps out of Yanks RV Resort onto wet farmland. Instead of producing a cloud of dust, my feet sank into the dark mud. The dirt roads ended after the first mile. The asphalt road was a welcome friend. With each step little clumps of dirt lost their grip on my shoes and exploded as they returned to the earth. I took a turn southbound on road 146 and then turned on the autopilot. The road was like a rollercoaster. From the cliff I could see the 101 freeway in the distance to my right. The cars that zoomed on the freeway were muted at my location. I was free to enjoy the cool day. The road took me all the way into King City. I entered the quiet little town, sat on a corner and called Crystal...

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Day 486 & 487 Monterey to Greenfield CA. – 56 Miles


20160108_124037The itinerary of our trip had us veering inland. I would run past a little state college which was surrounded by trails, trees, and a sea breeze. The kids must have still been on break because there weren’t very many students on campus. I ran past lots of farmland and a couple of new communities which had popped up on reservation road. The smell of old crops lingered in the air. Some of the fields were preparing to reseed the ground. At least I enjoyed the clear skies. The roads were straightforward but there were plenty of curves.

20160108_132429My body paid the price for my hubris of the previous day. I should have known better than to run so speedily at the days end. I trotted lightly when I wasn’t running downhill...

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Day 483 to 485 Santa Cruz to Monterey CA. – 43


20160104_154644We spent a rainy day in the warmth of The Best Western All Suites in Santa Cruz. We listened to the patter of the rain hitting the roof. The staccato sound put me in a trance as I stared out the window. Water blurred my view from the window but it didn’t stop me from staring. I couldn’t help but think of the all the days I had been on the road. They were coming to an end. Question marks swirled around my head but I wasn’t worried. Crystal had often remarked that she experienced a melancholy feeling when she thought about the end of our trip. I didn’t see it that way. Every time I replied by saying, “The adventure isn’t ending. We are just beginning.”

20160106_122316The next morning the weather looked promising...

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