Day 471 to 474 Vacaville to Petaluma – 57 Miles


20151224_140948Christmas Eve traffic roared. The weather forecast had reported stormy weather but I saw sunshine and clear skies. I was surprised how many cars were on the road. Vacaville to Fairfield didn’t have very many miles for me to run. I ran past the center of Vacaville and hit a patch of new developments. The lightly populated areas never gave me a feeling of complete solitude on this day. My new shoes continued to give my feet an extra spring in my step and kept my running light. On the outside of Fairfield I ran on a trail that cut through parks and developments. On both sides of me clothing, shopping carts, and bicycles had been randomly abandoned. I saw a group of homeless people but not enough to warrant that much trash. It was a mystery...

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Day 467 to 470 Williams to Vacaville CA. – 75 Miles


20151221_101203My legs felt like they had been running for over a year. I had aches in my joints and I knew I was in desperate need of new footwear. I filled my stomach with all the usual items hotels offer for breakfast and I hit the road. The moment I stepped foot outside, I knew I was in for a rough one. Despite having a straight road with light miles, the winds pushed me with violent force. Rain pelted my face and the side of the road was a muddy slope. I didn’t get a moment of silence on this day. While the blue plastic poncho from Niagara Falls shielded me from rain, it also thundered in my ear. The whipping and flapping sound restricted me from hearing the sound of my own thoughts.

20151220_112016The cold was only a factor if I chose to stop running...

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Day 465 to 466 Corning to Williams CA. – 53 Miles


20151218_115504I found myself enjoying one final buffet breakfast before hitting the road. Sweet cinnamon rolls and veggie omelets filled my stomach. With so many colorful choices the result could have been gluttonous. My mouth seemed to be drier than usual so I downed glass after glass of mixed juices. When I could no longer nourish my body I said good bye to my mother and Crystal. At that time I got an earful about the cold and rainy weather. There wasn’t much I could do about the whims of nature. I just had to remember that nothing was permanent and that the sun had to come out eventually.

20151218_152029Running in the rain wasn’t too bad. The mist stopped shortly after I hit the road. I was reunited with the old 99 and I didn’t need to look at my map for directions...

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