Day 459 to 464 Redding to Corning CA. – 62 Miles


20151212_124440Our day off in Redding found us indoor for most of the day. Constant drops of water fell from the sky. We did leave our habitat for a bite of the always delicious and always nutritious Chipotle. Other than that we were fine having a sedentary day. We slept an ample amount. It was as if we were bears hibernating for the winter. The weather had been unpredictable and we were just glad to be staying in the comforts of the Red Lion Hotel.

20151212_124458The next morning I woke up to yet another cold and wet day. It progressed from bad to worse when I went to the trailer to grab something to eat and I discovered that the support truck had been burglarized. The front seat had papers strewn everywhere. Some of our books had been tossed about and in a search for valuable items...

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Day 456 to 458 Mt. Shasta to Redding – 63 Miles


20151209_111521With each day that passed, I found myself steadily detached from society. I wondered if I had developed the mentality of someone stranded at sea: survive. I had encountered every type of terrain and weather on this trip and it dawned on me that I looked upon it all as one condition. I didn’t think that made me tough, just desensitized. I had become equipped to run miles and miles through heat, cold, dryness, and wetness. But, had I become less equipped to deal with humans? I would find out soon enough. When I reached the Dunsmuir Lodge, after I had run through a dozen miles of cold mist, I was greeted with the news that I would be motivating an entire school district the upcoming week. It was time to begin the mental preparations. I needed my mind to be sharp.

20151209_122733The lodge was c...

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Day 452 – 455 Ashland OR. To Mt. Shasta CA. – 73 Miles


20151205_120609My stars must have been aligned for my return to the state where this adventure originated. The climb to the top of the Siskyou Mountains wasn’t too taxing. Even with powdery snow in the mountains my roads remained dry. The sun was out and I enjoyed my continued rolling of hills. The last climb of Oregon lasted several miles but the legs pushed through. It was a much lighter workout than the steep mountain backroads of a few days earlier. The payoff came a little over four thousand feet. I trotted over the hump and let gravity go to work. The next seven miles at a six percent downgrade ushered me into California. There was no Welcome to California sign greeting me by the road but I did find my way into a rest area and visitor’s center...

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