Day 447 and 448 Azalea to Grants Pass OR. – 41 Miles


20151130_104801Our trailer had a film of glassy ice covering the steps. Crystal rang the RV repair shop to confirm that we were getting our debilitated heater motor was being ordered. He ensured her it would arrive the next day. The news calmed our fears and allowed me to hit the road with a clear mind.

20151130_122743From Azalea I began to cruise towards forest. Cars disappeared and wildlife played. Each step took me farther away from the loud noise of the five freeway. I could taste the cold damp air with each inhaled breath. As the elevation began to climb my legs began to burn. I could feel my velocity drop even though I was working harder. I looked to my side and suddenly I found myself high up in the mountain. I could see the top of neighboring mountains as well...

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Day 442 – 446 Cottage Grove to Azalea OR. – 97 Miles


20151124_124628The terrain of the Oregon forest was rugged. Even though I knew the smartest plan of attack was to rush out of harm’s way, the task was still difficult to execute. Crystal and I had already covered so much ground since that day on Santa Monica Pier. We had the privilege of being guests in so many people’s homes; people that we now call friends and family. There were many warm welcomes into many towns but invariably the rough patches creep onto the route.

20151124_140626As I climbed up and down the steep slopes of mountain and forest I ran alone with my thoughts. The quietest times were the times that the universe revealed the most to me. I was able to reflect upon this undertaking without bias...

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Day 437 to 440 Salem to Cottage Grove OR. – 90 Miles


20151120_131534When I left the Hampton Inn in Salem, I had a couple light layers to protect me from the cold. Of course I knew that I would heat up quickly. It was a stretch where I would not take a break. Crystal had plenty of work to keep herself busy and I didn’t feel like having my body cool down. I found myself working through the back roads. Every few minutes I spotted mile markers on the side of the road. When I passed a dozen miles I stumbled upon an out of the way RV park. There I pulled out two sweaty steaming dollars and put them into a vending machine. I received a Dr. Pepper and two quarters. These items became minor irritants on my way to the La Quinta Inn and Suites in Albany. The empty bottle occupied my hands while the two quarters jingled in my breast pocket...

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